I came to Liesbeth in 2013 with severe headache complaints. Before that I had gone through a long process at doctors and hospitals, but nothing helped. I was always skeptical about alternative medicine, but a colleague told me that she benefited greatly from Liesbeth’s treatments. So I took the step and made an appointment. Thanks to Liesbeth’s treatments, I started to feel better step by step. Liesbeth is a very nice woman who knows what she is doing and listens carefully to you. I’ve been feeling good for years now and have almost no complaints anymore. I still visit Liesbeth monthly as a kind of maintenance treatment. It helps me relax and give my head a rest. I can wholeheartedly recommend her!
Agatha Zwaan

Very interesting. I was with my girlfriend. Of course I asked everything. And everything was explained. Could see it working. Awesome
Jeannette Trip

Recently came to Liesbeth Ang with shin splints. After a few treatments I no longer suffer and sleep well. The treatments are painless and pleasantly relaxing. I was unfamiliar with acupuncture, thought it was very special. Good explanation from Liesbeth on all my questions. Top!
Conny Roos

Liesbeth appeared at a very critical time in my life, during which I experienced severe premenopausal symptoms, especially hot flashes and weight gain, resulting in a real sense of depression and frustration. The improvement was immediate, even from the first two acupuncture treatments, the hot flashes gradually decreased and my metabolism started to be more active. Through her holistic approach I completely overcame these annoying symptoms but even chronic problems (muscle pains, headaches) that had been integrated into my daily life. I consider myself lucky to have a therapist like Liesbeth, I could talk for hours about her professionalism, her discreet approach and her positive energy. I highly recommend her!
Vasiliki Kapsimalli

Since 2014, after major kidney surgery and chronic headaches, I have taken the path of acupuncture and came into contact with Liesbeth. She listens, investigates, advises and acts. She brings energy and meridians back into the right balance, giving the body a boost to address and recover from the complaint. In my case I go monthly to turn the knobs. But acupuncture is of course not just a trick. Liesbeth is a very skilled and honest acupuncturist. I therefore wholeheartedly recommend that you experience this for yourself.
Dini Hoekstra

Liesbeth is more than just an acupuncturist to me. Liesbeth helps me to (learn to) relax my body, which was constantly under tension due to restrictive behavioral patterns and years of high stress. This often led to migraines and pain in my neck and shoulders.
Liesbeth not only listens carefully to what my body is telling her. Liesbeth also listens carefully to what I tell her. She then makes me aware of my unconscious but obstructive behavior patterns. Which in turn helps me learn to relax my body and change my life to a better and lighter life, for which I am very grateful to her.
For me, Liesbeth is an acupuncturist+. I can highly recommend Liesbeth!
Sabina Graafmans-Ernst

Liesbeth really listens to your complaints and has an incredible knowledge of what she does. She has helped me immensely in my recovery from an accident, recovery that has been more long lasting than just massages. She has taught me also how to listen and help my body. It’s really amazing how, through the gentle approach of the Japanese acupuncture, she has managed to direct my own body to heal itself. Japanese acupuncture is much gentler than the Chinese one, which was a pleasant surprise for me. Liesbeth is really kind and I fully recommend her.
Johanna Salazar Bove

Complaints such as regular headaches and skin problems have disappeared with Liesbeth’s treatments. Other complaints are controlled by maintenance treatments once a month. Liesbeth is 100% committed to you. I’ve been coming here for five years, but she quickly gained my trust. Even now that I live on the other side of the country, I choose to be treated by Liesbeth.

I’ve been coming to Liesbeth’s practice for years. Originally for dizziness complaints, which had / has a lot of effect, but the treatment is all-round, she looks at your whole body and picks up everything. Liesbeth is careful, knowledgeable and a nice person. I highly recommend her practice!
Ayla Nakken

Acupuncture treatments are really great. Calm me down and give me insight.
Qi Bal